Kismuth Books is a publisher of stories in first person.

EDITOR KARIN MALHOTRA oversees the curation of books, chapbooks, zines and essays. Kismuth hosts conversation salons like ‘ORIGIN: What is fromness?’ and ‘BEAUTY: What is it? Who gets to decide?’ Our goal is to explore the possible ways of thinking about questions such as ‘Who am I? What is my role in the world?’, especially in the context of self vis-a-vis other.

‘Kismuth,’ in Hindi, means ‘destiny.’

Towards 2014 Kismuth turned towards experimental co-publishing projects like The Mirror, an anthology. Also, we are discovering new ways to connect in spaces like THE FORUM. We are making spaces for others to discover their writing voice, their concept of self, and their own ideas about how to explore a style that fits. This is with and for others, too. This is the new chapter for Kismuth Books + Publishing: Making space for uncertainty, through rooms that invite exploring, trying things, and seeing what happens when we test. Agile Publishing, in other words. More at our parent company, Design Kompany, about that >

Discovering the moment, exploring together

GET IN TOUCH. BUT BE DIFFERENT. Kismuth welcomes emerging voices, especially from people who are pushing the boundaries of conversation-making. We love to hear ideas about interactive projects that make use of technology, too. Pitch us something, if you are on. Or discover our online co-creative experiential spaces like COJOURNAL.

To date, Kismuth has published 8 eBooks, 12 zines, 16 chapbooks (Don’t Kick the Pigeons), two exhibition catalogs (Today I Love You, Finish), and the online zine S P A C E (in conjunction with A. Spaice at Design Kompany). Our most recent title is Breakfast in Cambodia by author Dipika Kohli.

Reviews of Kismuth Books

Here are some things people have said Kohli’s books:

  • ‘I look forward greatly to reading anything by this Kamal di punjabi kurri. Please support her extraordinary journey through life and be rewarded!! ‘—Poonam Singh, Preetlarhi Magazine
  • ‘I loved it, Dipika. You and I are different in many ways. I am not sure we would fully agree on what and where we are. But we are also are the same. I really connected with Kanishka. Life, to me, is also all about connections among all of us, but also connections we make in our mind among events and happenstance, and the things we learn from their resonance. I’ve never had an experience anything like what you had when you lost Jaya, but I could feel it, and how it shaped the way you connect with the world, and how you connect it all in your consciousness. I really, really like your epilogue. Thanks…’ —Eric Frederick

  • ‘Dipika is a[n] author who clearly has been writing for years. Her ability to illustrate a particular moment, object, or emotion is amazing. Her writing style is different than what I am accustomed to reading. Its almost poetic. As the reader you can expect to gain insight into the mind, heart and soul of a Woman who lives life passionately and purposely. Also, Dipika does a nice job at outlining the good and not so pretty reality of what it means to defy cultural norms.” —Anonymous

  • ‘And while it might be possible to create one’s own destiny, the lesson we can learn from this book is that it is folly to try to create someone else’s.’ —Kate Allison, The Displaced Nation. Read the full review of The Elopement
  • ‘Meaning is not manufactured. It is experienced.’ —Aaron Mandel, Clarion Content. Read the full review of The Elopement
  • The Dive is listed as a resource at this amazing website, A Heartbreaking Choice, which exists solely to support those who have terminated a much wanted pregnancy.


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