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Cover of Kanishka

Kanishka is the first volume of the series, Kismuth. Kismuth means “destiny” in Hindi.

From the UK blog “Dying Matters:”

When she was ten, writer Dipika Kohli’s best friend died in a terrorist attack. In an exclusive blog post for Dying Matters, she describes the lifelong legacy of losing someone so young. logo

Most people wouldn’t be bothered to talk about it, not this many years later. This feeling of having lived two lives, together, intertwined like strands of a stick of liquorice.

When we were both ten, my closest friend J.* died. Before, our paths were virtually one: our fathers had studied together in India, our mothers were best friends, our younger brothers were the same age, three years younger than us. American born, we lived in the same neighbourhood, went to the same family potlucks at the houses of other Punjabi immigrants, and sat in the same room of fourth grade class at Woodcreek Elementary. This was Farmington Hills, 1985. —Read the exclusive essay “The Death of Childhood” at Dying Matters >

Get free updates when you check “New books from Kismuth” here>

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