Meet Kismuth Books



Watch Kismuth author Dipika Kohli’s ‘There’s Not That Much Time Left’ at TEDx >



A column from 2014-15 for this Seattle paper lays the frame for Kismuth’s The Village Report >



Kismuth hosts ‘SELF,’ a live workshop in Bangkok >



Kismuth’s Dipika Kohli‘s ‘Fuzzy Quantum Pop’ >


‘And while it might be possible to create one’s own destiny, the lesson we can learn from this book is that it is folly to try to create someone else’s.’ —Kate Allison. Book Review: The Elopement >


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‘Meaning is not manufactured. It is experienced.’ —Aaron Mandel. Book review, The Elopement



Read ‘The Death of Childhood’ at Dying Matters, which is about Kismuth’s Kanishka >


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The Dive is listed as a resource at this amazing website, ‘A Heartbreaking Choice.’