A 12-week eWorkshop. Nonreligious. Nonhierarchical. Conversations in the cloud. About this Event Conversations in protected-page forums at DesignKompany.com. Hosted by Design Kompany’s Founder Dipika Kohli (TEDx, NPR). Ideas about what it is we’re ‘supposed’ to be doing and examinations of that question more completely, in a fun, light, and open-spaceContinue Reading

This week, it’s a kind of interesting conversation going on about a lot of philosophy, stuff I have not really touched on much in my writings in such a direct way. But, in some of the Papers, we are talking in deep and incredibly surprising ways. To discover, together, whatContinue Reading

From Wikipedia… When you enlarge your mind and let go of it, When you relax your [qi 氣] vital breath and expand it, When your body is calm and unmoving: And you can maintain the One and discard the myriad disturbances. You will see profit and not be enticed byContinue Reading

Meanwhile, divorce lawyer to the stars Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia, has warned that coronavirus is “very likely” to lead to an increase in marriage break-ups because of people being confined together for long periods in self-isolation, PA reports. —Irish Times

This week’s issue of S P C is *wrapped!* Here’s a link. http://gum.co/space-secretlocation-cakewalk

Here’s a twitter thread about how this person who is 39 has been experiencing being infected by the coronavirus. I have it. Don’t sleep on this thing people. I’m a very healthy type I diabetic. My body is fighting it very well but it’s kicking my ass. Don’t be aContinue Reading

I’m enjoying this. We’re going to do a call today with a few guests for a mini-teleconference call, ‘A Life That Isn’t Yours.’ Those will be the first people I send invitations to for our next set of conversations in the cloud, which is the good ol’ ‘Interactive Papers Project.’Continue Reading

It’s a big day for me, here. I’ve been rewriting. A lot. Know what? ‘Writing is all rewriting’ is one of the first things I heard about this profession, and it’s really quite true. You can’t just start and go in a line and get to the end, like it’sContinue Reading

I was going to write this to R., but I think it’s more to ‘readers.’ I mean, readers as in people who are there, reading this. Reading regularly ? Not even known to me but perhaps there, reading. Curious and wondering. I want to write to you. I’ll keep itContinue Reading

Putting the final edits together for this new short book! Bangkok!, all the stories combined from 2015-2020 in a curated, special edition of a packed PDF called ‘Step a Little Closer.’ Details soon. Meantime, SaLC is ready for pre-order. Pre-order ‘Step a Little Closer’ Here’s a link http://gum.co/kismuth-step

[deleted]   Looking up stuff and writing my own things, for my own audience (S P C [$]), I could talk about such philosophical how-to, and why-to sorts of things. I really do talk. And a lot. And you can hear some of it, at these videos. There is moreContinue Reading

It’s been a little while since I wrote or talked about The Dive, published back in 2012. But in recent days I’ve met some people who might like to read my story, and so, I’m putting it back here, for them. Why I’m sharing this book again is because ofContinue Reading

THE FEELING is intriguing. Of seeing this project… completed. It took me thirty years, if I have to tell the truth, but somehow the sharing of this story through that platform that is not just the internet (because there is tons of room for sharing there) but that is aContinue Reading

The Book of Songs

THE FALL OF 2015. Sweden. A small boat harbor. A little bit of time and space. Me, my writing stuff. A couple of black pens and an empty grid notebook. The big idea was to go and discover about ‘uncertainty’. I mean, it was pretty open-ended. Sure it was. ThatContinue Reading