Read ‘The Design is not the Design’, a blog post that explains this image.

Its intention, design, architecture and structure were informed by conversations that began at this very blog, when I had this theme, 2012ish?, and ran it as a wordpress site that was a test of all that evolved, from there. (Coujournal, Mirror, Slow Moment, S P A C E, et al). I have many, many people to thank for that exploration. JP, for example, a very sincere writer who found me and a story on this blog reflecting her own, in a way, or something very personal, and with whom I shared emails only, never even a real life conversation, though I have postcards from her in my possessions. Thank you J. I really appreciate that. ;) I really appreciate BH and SG, too, who had stayed with me on past the official ‘end’ of Cojournal which was how I started S P A C E. Many things to say, there. We lost the thread but didn’t drift too far, it turns out. The people who matter never really leave.


A handful of others. EM, who has taken me up, severally, on conversation-starting invites. And still does, from time to time. (I noticed you covered my coffees, my breakfast that time, too…. I appreciated that.) And there are others, there, reading, I think, who are interested and curious and wondering. For you, I want to say, this is the story, this is the adventure, and this is here, now. Another Sincere moment, another Butterfly, another Start. A few will know what those things mean.

If you want to discover with me, say hi. Connexion is not easy to find, and not easy to maintain. But it’s there.

And we can design for it.


Let’s play.


November 29, 2019