I’m excited about something but it’s way too personal to put on this page.

So, I’ll talk about it in the Cojournal.

Which is the project that Kismuth invented in 2014, in order to get going with on things in interactive spaces. Because for me, writing isn’t about getting a book put into print and wasting paper and trying to foist it on people. Writing is for connexion.

I have UV to thank for reminding me of this.

Thank you U.

I’ll see you soon.

This week has been a milestone for me. 1.25 years in Vietnam so far, on this journey, a journey that has kept me in one spot, more or less, on account of, well, yeah, you know why.

Anyways. To the new and the next, here it begins.

And with that, here.. I go.

# # # #

June 11, 2021