11 October | New Cojournal

When X becomes Not X, does that change its essence, truly, or!, as my grandfather read to me when I was young a story about an elephant that was described differently by blind men examining its different features and reporting what they interpreted those to belong to, are we just seeing a piece of the whole and believing we are capable, with just that, of describing it in its entirety?

Letting go of the perception that your perception is True is one of the first steps, I am learning, to disengaging the mind in order to unlock something far more sincere… I’ll tell you more, on email. Join us in the conversations going on, backchannel.

Our next Cojournal starts on Monday. Who wants to be ‘in’? Max 4. Twelve weeks. Small fee to participate. In collaboration with the parallel project, which features new writers from our journaling here, in DK’s e-mag, S P A C E.

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Here it is: