New book. Soon.

I’m going to furnish the collection ‘Home’ with less of other people’s stuff and more of the inner monologues of my own feeling-thoughts. More of how I write, I guess. Plus outtakes and some new line drawings. I have been enjoying getting back to soft pencil, mostly 8B.

I’m off the pen thing. I see now, that between blacks and whites, 0s and 1s, yeses and nos, there are, of course, ten thousand shades of maybe.

Here we are then.

Circling to the rightest place to be, and finishing it up days before I’m due to fly back there.


It’s been a long trip.


The hardest, clearest, softest, most ardent journey

This got started being conceptualized the other day, when I got a message from N. Over instagram.

Who said:

‘Where is home, DK?’

That was…


Hell if I know.

Except, finally, after the 2019 ‘Year of the Poem’ journey (I kind of theme my years?) that was largely spent moving and meandering, on my own, well, because of that movement, I sort of finally kind of do.

I will save my highlights for the book. You can pre-order here.

This one’s for the nomads.



# # # # # # #

November 26, 2019