SELF: A workbook



Looking up stuff and writing my own things, for my own audience (S P C [$]), I could talk about such philosophical how-to, and why-to sorts of things. I really do talk. And a lot. And you can hear some of it, at these videos.

There is more but that’s a start, for the moment, as we get acquainted.

But I do have some tips and tools.

That I picked up along my life journeys. At work. Outside of work. From artists. From tech friends, from lifelong friends, from relatives who were really old, from the wise who saw me and knew that I would listen.

One was 106. It was a story I was commissioned to write, for the Cork Evening Echo.


Southwest Ireland, 2000s

It was the early 2000s. The rain. The rural space. A house, a television set that was on the entire time. Horseracing.

So much happened. It was quiet, and beautiful, and the work of Kismuth started, I think, there and then. Really paying attention. Really hearing this person say what was his story. Even if it was a worldview that was completely opposed to the one I was brought up to believe in (and that’s another story, which I will save for trusted friends), I still remember that. It was an interview with him they said they wanted me to go and hear him and talk about what he said, someone would come later and do the photos.

This was when I lived in southwest Ireland. Eloping there was how I got there. Another whole journey in making choices, and sticking with things, and learning as you go. Making it up as you do. All that.

Even now, looking back, I see my patterns of making decisions has been of a clearer and more simple template, over the years.

I’ve put that template together in SELF. A short course. In this 2020 update to the 2014, and 2016 runs for the real life and online versions and practices and exhibitions and installations for people to explore, write, and discover SELF. Honestly, I’ll refrain here from oververbalizing. I don’t want to get too detailed; it’s just… simpler to share.

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