20 Years

NPR talks to The Elopement >

It’s going to be 20 years, next year, since the events of my first book, The Elopement.

Which, surprising everyone (especially me), got some actual press and accolades the very week it was launched on the internet. I know that’s an unusual thing to happen, but in those days (eight years ago) I was in the mood to be share-y share-y and had sent a press release, then got a call, then an invitation for coffee, then a studio live on-air date at the local NPR station, to talk about so many, many topics related to love, relationships and where those things cross with… adventure. I know, right? It’s like, a giant thing. They told me they wanted me on because they like my speaking… my, um. Eloquence. [*blushes*]

But the story, too. Caught their ear.

Who runs off to southwest Ireland for three years, with someone whom she has been dating for a while but whom her parents disapprove of, in order to do… nothing in particular and see what might happen next?


I do that.

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