Start where you are

Events? Courses? Projects? Popups? Books? All of that stuff, is now getting talked about in very, very small circles. I know my teammates now, better than ever, and I’m ready to make something with them… something… great.

Be a part of it when you start with the first step. The first step is to register for something and see where it all goes. I did that, ages ago, when I made that first tentative invitation for Cojournal 2014. I got weird emails back. I got yelled at through some. I didn’t like the feeling. I got worried it was a grave mistake. Then, I just… took the. Next. Step. And her we are. 2020… Ready, set.

Good things start with starting.

New opt-in conversations are beginning throughout February.


Making it up as I go.

Trying things.


And in 2020… very very selectively. Easier. For focus.

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January 29, 2020