The Kismuth series began in 2012 with a book called The Elopement. It was surprisingly successful, gaining an invitation for a live interview on NPR not very long after its release in a digital form. Author Dipika Kohli was writing about her real-life experience eloping to southwest Ireland, a country that had enchanted her from the time she visited for a very brief period on the way to new beginnings. Adventure, the road, the call of somethign new and different have always been part of her story-making, despite the unawareness of it, at the time of its happening. The Elopement was Vol. II of hte Kismuth series, and was followed by Vol. III The Dive and later, Volume V. Breakfast in Cambodia. (Vol. IV., Flight of Pisces, is currently being rewritten). But the whole series, ‘Kismuth’, was designed based on one incident. It was the summer of 1985. And that first story that opened the doorways to all the other ones which each question ‘the fate of us,’ or ‘uncertainty,’ in its various forms, is this one. Kanishka.

Kismuth: A series on life, love, loss and risk. These are the things. Open the book, with Kanishka. Here’s a link.

This story was originally published as a serial for Chandigarh’s Preetlari Magazine. It was written in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh, mostly, but based also on research at Amritsar undertaken while author Dipika Kohli was a writing residency guest at the magazine’s village location in Preetnagar.

Air India Disaster Memorial, Atha Ciste, West Cork Ireland
Air India Disaster Memorial, Ath na Ciste, West Cork Ireland

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