4 October | New Cojournal, ‘Psychology of Narcissism’

‘Narcissists don’t let their victims off the hook very easily and will do whatever it takes to win them back.

  • They will stalk you.
  • They will call you and text you.
  • They will try to interact with you on social media.
  • They will send you emails.
  • They will show up at your workplace, embarrassing you in front of your colleagues.
  • They will wait for you in the parking lot.
  • They will wait for you near your home or your gym.
  • They will contact your friends and relatives*

*Topic for Cojournal Project for October start date is Psychology of Narcissism.

The Cojournal Project is a conversational space for no more than four people, by invitation. I personally review all applications and curate the circles so as to invite a wide range of perspectives as we learn together, peer-to-peer.

Note :This is not a therapy thing. This is a curious-person-inquiry-space thing. You don’t’ know what you don’t know and sometimes writing and sharing about it with others who will read and respond is a great way to go deep into your own thinking-feeling spaces. (Are those connected? We’ll talk together about random ideas like this; naturally it’s subjective, and each circle takes on its own personality. See you in the cloud. We’ll use some new tools that I’ve been trying out these last four years.)

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