5 July | Half-month Cojournal

Write. Write every week. Write with a peer group of no more than 4.

Discovering people wherever I go, I find myself always wanting to interconnect us. Maybe because it’s extraordinary to see, and hear, and especially read, what people who might not have otherwise met one another might say to each other in a safe, bounded box of time and ‘space.’ Given the time we are in it is very, very hard to carve out time for more online things. Yes. I get it. I hear you saying, ‘I don’t have time for screen time.’ I know. Who does? I don’t like being online all the time, either. Which is why I confine my emails ot Mondays for hti sproject, and let people take their time with things. Reply, or not reply, doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter when, either. The point is to make time. Ready, set.

No application required.

A small circle for writing and sharing. Safely.


What is it?

On 5 July, DK opens a two-week trial for The Cojournal Project. This may be for you if you resonate with these feelings:

  • I’m ready to take a chance on something new.
  • I want to get my feet wet a little and experience interactive writing.
  • I trust you to guide this process for me, and make a safe space for me to learn something, with others, too.
  • I’m ready, because when will you ever be ready, really?
  • I like this exploratory style and want to be part of something that’s got elements of flatness, (that is to say, nonhierarchical), along with the pieces of all your past salons, workshops, and other programs.
  • Yes! Because #whynot #sayyes. Cool.

SELF-SELECTING. The Cojournal Project is based on my learnings from methods I use to start dialogues–the kinds with a center, and not sides. That, along with a mix from my professional work in journalism, writing books, architecture (the charette, anyone?), and my design studio.for this 2-week trial. A special rate of USD 14 for 2 weeks of participation includes: 1. A starter questionnaire to understand your goals; 2. Monday prompt #1; assignment to a small group of peer writers in week 2; 3. Monday promtp #2; a short report on your writing.

Here’s a link to register.


Just 7 spots.