Setting things up.

For the things ahead, in S P C, and beyond it.

This is Tuesday’s release for S P C. The lead story is called ‘Run, Eliza.’

The creative nonfiction piece is built from the core concept that arose from four years’ worth of conversations in internet spaces and on journeys I personally made to Finland, Denmark, and Sweden—mostly, for this last, Malmoe.


In a nutshell, the piece sums a kind of literary and aesthetic awakening that we found as we discovered our way together towards this. Put in simple story form, it’s here. A connexion discovered by simply writing together, forming a synthesis of ideas related to physics, dark matter, science fiction, serendipity, N. Bohr.. That’s me, of course. Yours truly here at Kismuth loves to  go on,  as I do, about metaphysics and juxtaposing it all, or at least the most extraordinary parts, whenever I can. Extraordinary, that is, to me. Everything’s relative, after all.


Positions and juxtapositions

Interestingly, the original version of this 16-page PDF, published way back in April, had featured a quote from I. Kassam, about Logic, which I had written a long time back, maybe five years?, on a piece of paper that traveled with me to Phnom Penh across many other places and that I processed by typing it into Notes and then typeset into the original PDF. Yes. I. Kassam. The very same person who co-created with me S P C | KL, ‘Project Epicurus.’ Because of that snippet, I found my way to him, his ideas, his art, and his poems. Happy.

More soon in the series ahead.

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December 28, 2019