This week, it’s a kind of interesting conversation going on about a lot of philosophy, stuff I have not really touched on much in my writings in such a direct way. But, in some of the Papers, we are talking in deep and incredibly surprising ways. To discover, together, what it is we think, feel, and see. Over at Design Kompany we launched Issue #67 of S P C today.

It’s called S P C | *Secret Location*, ‘Teleporting to the Fourth Dimension.’


A different sort of world

Science fiction this time, along with the usual mix of high-contrast graphic art that I’ve been up to lately. Kind of got over the Sharpies and moved into the photocopier as a medium and a tool. I’m on to something new, now. I can’t really expand on that yet but I will try to just make something and then, share it, and then, you’ll know. But it has to be good. And that takes work, and exploring, and, of course, time. Time is what I’ve always had, these last seven years. Working from home is normal for me. Occasionally there are these moments where people discover me, and my work, and then we get to talking. I do that. A lot. Talk. At length. These days, in the cloud.

Progressions, and richness, and complexity are the hallmarks of what we love to design for in S P C. And these can only develop in useful and creative ways, over time.

EXPERIENCE IT. Open invitation for a zoom teleconference call ‘Teleporting to the Fourth Dimension,’ is scheduled for today, only. If you want to really, really feel what Teleporting into the Fourth Dimension is like. Experiential, we are, around here, so we had to kind of go ahead and design that; ready, set? I’m going to be there, if 2-3 others say ‘yes’ to this wacky invite to meet us in the cloud. Let’s see what happens. Depending on who joins, and I’m thinking about that, hard, who to invite, well, I will save the speculation for another place. This is the blog. The blog is just tip of the iceberg; that’s the design. That’s the idea. Who wants to explore this? Let’s discover. Let’s converse. See you in the up.

Max 4. Advance bookings only. Short. Sweet. In virtual space.