Yesterday in S P C, I re-published one of my favorite issues. It’s the one that inspired lots and lots of new thinking, because it was a conversation that started in real life that led to a collaboration in the cloud. The cover illustration here is by Nils don Sihvola. ‘Digital visual arts–digital SLR and image processing–is my thing,’ he says. Nils collaborated with me and others in our virtual community on a few issues of S P C, and I’m grateful to be able to share about his work, here.

Because wow. It’s true: digital processing is his thing.

I watched him make stuff, using pictures I would send, and seeing how they would become something… else. Entirely. It moved me greatly to see my own photos almost come alive, through those filters and experimental expressions. One of these days I will make a whole issue just with those pictures, I hope, but for now, today, this week, I mean, I’m sharing this issue again. You can see more of Nils’ work at this instagram: @nils_don_sihvola.

I realize that many of our new readers and followers really like this aesthetic, as do I.

We are discovering more people, as we go, who resonate with the ideas behind S P C. (HT ND, lookin at you!).

Let me now insert a transitional sentence.

Not bad. A transition.

Continuing, Nils and others had joined me by invitation as special artist-guests, last summer, at Atelier S P C | Riga.

Which is why there are so many zines from Latvia. In six weeks there, so many cool issues came together. I think they may still have some at the bookshop there, called… Roberts Books.

Together, we made stuff. Out of ideas. With a handful of others I met at different times and in different venues in that same city for popups, conversations in cafe or bars or wherever I went including a park one time, and then there was that kid on the street who talked me to me about aliens, that was hilarious, and D., if you see this?, I still remember the pizza, thank you—waaaay later, like half a year?, I told that story about our walk all the way to everywhere to AM, who was like, ‘You gotta write that down.’ I was like, ‘What, wait. I didn’t tell you about that?’ He was like, ‘Nooooooo.’ This, and so many things.


Post post modern.. There, I said it

But conversations!, in space, found, in the moment, in the field, in real life, that!, document that, was the big idea when I set out to make Atelier S P C. Importantly, they had to be found conversations. Not just like send me an email with something cool. [miniature rant about expiring email, why I set that up, deleted]

Conversations. That lead. To things. That we can produce. Outcomes, in other words. That are stronger and better and, importantly, more intriguing than anything any singular artist could make, alone.

This issue, #68, is a, um, expression, in… um, dare I say it? Okay why not. ‘Post post modernism.’ I know, there are two ‘posts’ there. Yes. I get it, it’s strange. So is This. And ‘This is This’ celebrates that strangeness.

This issue is a members-only edition. It’s kind of amazing to realize that since leaving those United States in 2013 to start this blog, I have developed some really cool relationships in virtual communities like Kismuth and Design Kompany. I need to appreciate that, publicly. So here we are.

A big thank-you to members of S P C for being there all this time and supporting my efforts to bring people together in remarkable moments, wherever I go, wherever I discover us. Part of the reason I am still ‘at it,’ here, is because of you.

Honestly, that’s nice to have… that trust.

It’s not something you can buy and sell. It’s not something you should too-quickly disregard. I think trust is the currency we deal in, around here, at Kismuth and over at DK. If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, probably we’re not your people. But if you, like us, value conversations that go places, if you care about exchanges that grow us as a group and individually, too, and if you, like me, are fed up with the flat and superficial pasted-together-for-now but largely insignificant in five minutes ‘community,’ then probably we should talk sometime about how to include you somewhere, sometime, in something. Plans are getting made for Autumn 2020, but that’s… quietly, like I said, in the last post.

Small, innermost circles.

Am happy to build, from here.


S P C | ‘This is This’

This issue is members only.

Read more about it at Design Kompany.

Here’s a link.