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After a period of time to reflect (a year and a half, straight, and counting), I’ve been thinking. I really love convesations.

So, I am hosting 4:4 conversations. With me and two others, who might even be here reading this very page. People whom I’ve met on the road, one of these journeys over the last thirty years to East and Southeast Asia, Northern and Western Europe, and the east and west coasts of those very different-to-look-at-now-after-eight-years-wandering, hm, United States. Maybe we met on the road, too. If yes, you may recall how my conversations meander. I love to connect people and invite them to intersect in new, remarkable ways. Imagine meeting some of the others, whom I have chanced upon, the way we did. Together we can talk. In virtual space.

THE VALUE OF  S P A C E. I feel good about what I’ve learned from trying a myriad of ways to do this, so far, and now I know the answer to ‘tell me what this is and how it can make my life better, DK? Cause it’s really about me.’ So what is it? Its a Third Place. S P A C E is that. Not work or home. Where you can go if you want on a regularly appointed day of the week or month, and just show up, without judgment or an agenda, or the press of obligations sticking to you from the other spots where you have to be at certain days of the week or month. Come and relax with us. Who am I looking for? Oriah’s invitation is here

PS Thank you to those of you who believed in me, and who had contributed to #spacethezine crowdfunding campaign! Almost at our goal and today, I distributed the first round of funds out, here in Saigon. Bit tricky with the whole one-day-out-a-week-only and you have to have a special ticket restrictions; more to say. And food, too. More soon on #newcuizines and #bookoffeelings, which we’re going to co-create while in lockdown for the next.. um. Month.