A fun, light and packed issue on type design. Thai type.

DK interviews typeface designer Pilar Cano in Issue #79 of Design Kompany‘s weekly e-zine, S P A C E. Totally one of my favorites, and that’s probably because it was so interactive. Making it, also, adding a side story from Sahrah Boeck, whose expert dual language teacher’s read helped quite a bit with giving us a different perspective. Big thanks to all the friends I had reached out to for additional comment, advice, and feedback. I got everything ! Here’s what I learned from the experience.

A community wouldn’t be what it is without the collaboration and strength of the network; I’m super lucky to have you here, reading, replying, and sharing. The more I do DK– and Kismuth-related interactive projects, the more I realize it’s this exact thing that I’m designing for: optimizing to make a quality of space for all of us who opt-in and want to try something new to get the chance to do that. Experiment without fear of judgment, that is, so as to discover and co-discover. If anyone reading here was a guest at Dream Kitchen in Seattle when we had our office on E. Olive Way, then you know the vibe I’m talking about. Or maybe you had joined The Mirror, SELF, or any number of the many, many conversation installations I’ve been doing my own iterations of to discover what I find that a ‘works’ for what I call ‘the magic moment’ to *happen*. In which we design and discover. In new ways.


To experience, and to grow.

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It’ll launch on 16 June, but it’s ready for pre-order.

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