Sharing ideas, celebrating quality, and continuing to inquire. Together.

I care. About those things.

That’s Kismuth.

That’s DK.

That’s me.

Letting go, lately, of the things that get in the way of these goals.

Who cares if everyone ‘likes’ it? I like it, and that’s good enough.

Issue #81 celebrates that exact attitude. I met DN.

That was great.

Truly fun. Conversations !

Deep, and at length, but also, in a packed short timeframe, because that is the nature of our conversation-spaces in S P A C E.

Unlike the Millennials (whom I avoid… too much energy, too little to show for their ‘effort’, too… boring! [deleted] so there probably are a lot of them. Millenial therapists [deleted]).

Enchanted by the endearing clarity of Gen Z

Gen Z excites me. They’re just there. With me. Listening. And deeply, attentively, and fully. They’re after all a younger set of people, and I often just bump into them. We meet. I marvel. They’re amazing, smart, cool, ‘switched on’, and capable of focus. Plus, they’re way, way funner to talk to than my peers or Millenials… according to me. So that’s what I am up to, here, this next month for our online projects, ‘Papers’. Why, you ask? [snaps fingers] Well, why the hell not?

Gen Z features in this new issue. More specifically, Gen Z of the country where I am. Some stuff will be in Vietnamese. I’m excited about this jam.

I really, really love their energy, style, and the richness of thinking that I’ve been discovering, organically and simply, one day at a time, where I’ve been locked down for the last three, or four?, months. Very, very happy.

Next Tuesday, we’ll publish Issue #81, S P A C E | ‘Start with Something Simple.’ This is the cover. Isn’t it grand, as we used to say in Ireland? Arrah, sure, and that was another whole kind of craic, altogether, like. :0

More about S P A C E | ‘Start with Something Simple’ is in DK’s online shop.

Here’s a link.