One of the printer-friendly zines is published today, in S P A C E. It’s called ‘Phaerah.’ It’s the third in a series of zines set in Finnmark, a fictional landscape that’s roughly based on all my imaginings from reading The Snow Queen when I was a little kid as well as actually going myself north of the Arctic Circle, once, and exactly once, to see what was up there. Lots and lots, and some of the intuited stories—as told to me by the skies, the birch trees, the low clouds, and the seriously long roads of forests, and plains, that lead the very curious all the way up to Lapland—are shared, herein, with the zines in this set. I like writing fiction. It’s new for me. I’m enjoying exploring something, kind of like trying out a new hairstyle, or new ‘look’ with clothes. Sometimes I do this; just change it up. (I bet you noticed, if you know me. There are handful who do.) To the journeys, then! To the new, and the next.

Issue #82