Today in S P A C E, I’m sharing the ‘origin story’ about our zine.

Bunches of stuff to talk about with some of you who are in my closest inner circles. About all the changes. Everything landed fine, somehow, after Dalat. I have some people here to thank for that, where I am. But it’s quietly, one-to-one or one-to -three-at-the-most. Circles. Of sharing. And connecting, and conversing.

Deeply, not superficially.

That’s been our recurring theme…

Aesthetics of S P A C E

So many things to report but I don’t feel like it today because it took me most of the evening yesterday to wrap my head around all that I feel about making and producing a weekly mini-magazine. I am happy that the San Francisco Zine Festival is showcasing DK’s zines this year in their virtual event, and even gladder that I can take part from way the hell over here in Vietnam. Feels good to ‘show up’, over there. I like the Bay Area. I remember good things happening when I was last there… oh, 2014…. Gosh. Has it been that long? I heard a song and S P A C E got conceived. Seriously: it happened like that.


It’s been two years since I started this, and it’s actually changing quite a lot starting… today.  I can talk about that another time, but for now, there’s this. S P C | San Francisco, ‘San Francisco Zine Festival Special Edition’, is typed out in some short paragraphs of descriptions, over at DK… go here.