I reached out to more than 20 people through blog contact forms, and over LinkedIn, these last few weeks. I was looking for some expert comment on the theme for our next 8- or 12-week eWorkshop, The Mirror | ‘Clean Breaks.’ details

Never expected what happened next. I got some data, some psychology website expert tips opened up some doors, and paths, and I’d reached out to those people who wrote them. I listened to podcasts and watched YouTube videos and learned things about what works, what doesn’t work, when it comes to ‘estrangement.’ Mostly, it’s our own unique journey, each and every one of us have to find out what makes sense for ourselves.

Thank you to those who responded to me in May to queries near and far about ‘estrangement.’ For those whose interview snippets I will be sharing in the workshop, I will tell you directly, about that, in an email, soon. Best wishes and take care,


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June 6, 2022