A new book | ‘Finnmark’

Something new today.

Here’s how it got made.

Three months in the north of Finland at an artist residency program that let me sit still, quietly and largely alone, led to a set of letters I never sent. Sometimes this happens.

I got to reflect, write, and write. The characters allude to one of my favorite books, The Snow Queen, by H. C. Andersen. It’s fun, light, and conversational. In the way that I am writing lately, around here.

Discover the journey of Self in Other, and, of course, Other in Self.

Boss took some of the images that you’ll find inside, which are ethereal and gorgeous portraits of foliage that I collected on a walk through the Arctic Forest and stuffed into a clearsleeve, pressed it, shoved it under a bunch of other books, and hoped no one would stop me at immigration to make me throw it out. They didn’t. ‘Arctic Circle,’ Boss’ poetic photo essay is included, here.

Discover it.

Here’s a link.