A new book | ‘Nostalgia Cà Phê’

This book is the result of half a dozen trips to Việt Nam, and the conversations that emerged when I was, or wasn’t, looking, and the composite feeling of being-there, and being-there in those moments, of quality connection, deep feeling, and exchanges that came because we were all in the right mood for it.

Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it doesn’t.

This book is an exploration of feelings that come when we allow ourselves to reflect, and recall, and then, to understand, slowly at first and then with more conviction… it’s okay to let things go…

Boss took the cover pic of this short eBook back in March 2019 in Hà Nội. I was there with a handful of people for a meet up I had called ‘The Book of Red’, at a cafe called Madame Hương. Reflecting, that moment and mood, and this pic, just fit. It spelled it all out for me, there and then, the vibe I got when I came to this city, every single time. Nostalgia… Things taper. Things come to a close. That’s how it goes sometimes. Here’s a story of how that feels, recorded in split moments, snapshot-like, as I found my way towards this unexpected, but warm, softening.

Discover it.

Here’s a link.