Drifting into Rīga

 ‘Why Latvia?’

Me: ‘There was the Eurovision contest. Latvia was in it and I got curious….* That’s why. That’s why I wanted to come over here.’

[stares] ‘…’

‘What? Why are you—‘

‘That was like, a really really long time ago… my parents…’

[blushes] ‘For me, it wasn’t that long ago…’

*Wikipedia says, ‘Latvia won the contest in 2002. The 2003 contest was held in the Latvian capital Rīga.’ More at this page.

I do remember it. I remember being very curious and intrigued. Latvia? Where? These were the days of learning how to discover by simply enjoying the art of song. So of course the Eurovision was a big deal. And… Latvia? Won. Latvia? Where?… I tried to get a few people around me interested in making a trip out there with me, but no one wanted to. It wouldn’t be until 2019 that I did go, alone, which, to be honest, is now my preference. Without solitude you can’t really process what you’re seeing. And you hardly ever meet new people, too. Which, for me, is the exact point of going anywhere: meet new people, see what they tell you, learn the place, feel the feelings, and, take all that, to process… process what you see.

That’s the book.

Phnom Penh – Bangkok – Tashkent – Rīga. That is how it began. Me, and a flight ticket and no plans or any agenda. Just go. See. Going: I think, now, that it’s the going that is what I love, most. It was one of the prettiest flights, of my life: all that snow. And that’s how it happened. How I drifted into Rīga. I arrived to a cute airport all smiling, in Rīga, in mid-April, 2019. I started taking notes like this, immediately. What I saw. Taking pictures. Of course chatting to people. But this time in my life I’d gotten a lot of experience with that, and there were enough people with enough interest in me, too, that I could talk to some of them, at length, and in depth. Which is what you need to do, in order to write a lot of stories. And so, I did. I’ve taken the best parts of and put into this short eBook…

‘Thank you for coming to Latvia and making people talk to each other:’ S.

Drifting into Rīga…

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Thanks. ;)