A new chapter. (Again).

This is fun. I have just gotten the green light on a thing, and I’m going to move forward with it. In the morning. Today I’m just gathering things, getting ready for it. The things, to come. Can’t wait to get started, but also, relishing this particular moment of in-between.

Here I am, wrapping a good day. Seeing T. was really cool, here where I am, presently, because it was unexpected [deleted]… xo of course, this is a thing.

When you’re on the road a long, long time, (seven years so far, lol), it’s affirming to connect with people who go, ‘So how did it go with … project?’, or, ‘How’s … [insert person you care about deeply] doing these days?’… and you’re like, ‘Right! There was that. And doing well!’


You report. This banter… it’s smalltalk, and sure, I gave a lot of hell about smalltalk when I got going with 2006-2019 conversation salons about Publishing and the State Thereof, for example or Beauty or Gathering or Ennui, but… here’s the thing… Smalltalk is also a thing. Sometimes you just want smalltalk. I found this out. Amongst other things.

Discoveries in the Cloud..

Erm. Well. Things got heavy in Papers last week so we lightened it way the hell up, this Monday. Is it Monday today? I forgot now already. No, no. It’s Tuesday ! S P A C E published. Michael Bridgett, Jr.‘s story, ‘Undefined,’ that was good. It was really great to see it reworked and re-set for this issue. Happy.

[deleted] And I’m gonna start a new one, shortly. All. Over. Again. In the morning. First, water. Then, sleep. A few emails to write, to my dearest and nearest, in the conversation spaces that I care about and where there are the people who are listening, writing together with me, and sharing, that’s important!, together, as we go. In S P A C E. To the journeys, then. All over again. HT… me. Hanging in there, all this time. [Co. Cork, Ireland accent comes *on*] Fair play, like. Fair play altogether.