Continuing, then.

Moving over to another place for more of the kind of writing (‘Just tell people what you think they should hear,’ HT SJ) that I think a new, different sort of readership would like.

Which include, for example, those people who had read my zines in real life on this last big road trip while I was sharing them, at popups here and there, and who told me which ones they liked, and why, and that was helpful. And who didn’t resonate, that was helpful to know, too. Who came, who didn’t come, who jammed well, who was too tired, who was there when I was there, who happened to be around when there was nothing on at all except a shred of curiosity. A shred leads to a lot of things, sometimes.

Deep curiosity can only start with a simple thing like that.

Deep can’t be gotten to easily.

Collaborative writing started in December 2019 in my new project, ‘Interactive Papers.’ :)

Quality takes time. Art does. It’s simple. You have to work with the beginnings in order to get to the middles, and then, when you’re there, you can drop some bags and keep on going. The good stuff, I’m convinced, is somewhere between the middle and the end.

Wow, I did learn something, though. Boy, I sure was wrong when I started it in 2017 about what S P A C E was for, why, for whom, etc. Way wrong. Dead wrong, in fact. But that’s okay.

I learned.

Who it’s for.

Not S P A C E, exactly, per se, but something that I found within it. A small section of it, that somehow… people connected with. A very tiny… niche.

Niching down.

‘Niche thyself’

Which I’m working out, right now. Age-old marketing advice. Anyway though, I resisted. Since when did I care about ‘marketing advice?’ Heck no. I’m just a writer. I write. I write what I want and I make zines.

Which. Not that many people. Care. About.

So I guess, um. I do care now. About marketing advice.


Accepting it. Kind of.

See. Well.

Turns out I write mostly for those who are  curious. Very, very curious. Like, they would show up for something without having any idea who was going to be there or what was going to happen. Get a few folks like that together in one room, and man, you can have one hell of a great party.


Wait, I’m getting distracted.



It was there, dormant, always parked: Since I dunno when. And long left to wonder about what it wanted to say, and, you know, people go, ‘Gosh, that’s so wishy washy’ but I’m like, ‘No, dude. I just wanted to try, how shall I put it? Try… a lot of fruit before choosing one to settle on, something thats fits me, says, THIS. Not just anything. So much of it is totally awful, I found out. And, well, I just like what I like. I like these few things. A few. Is enough. For joy. And no way, settling early? I do not “settle.” No. Or the opposite problem, which is of course, holding out for too much good stuff in potential options, during which time interesting ones dissipate meantime? It’s… kind of. Not my thing. It’s… boring. Who wants to wait? But I guess being a Gen X person it’s different; I had fewer options earlier and now there’s all this stuff, stuff compiled into stuff. Mostly junk. Waste of time. [deleted] … and I know it when I see it. Enter the time to start my personal website. This is the time, exactly. ‘


Watch this space.


Thanks M for the conversation.

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January 10, 2020

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