Wrote a post at DipikaKohli.com.

Think I might start posting stuff there, of a different vein than here at Kismuth.


Places for writings and sharings, on different vectors

Going to start talking more there about the things that I am, um. Coaching. People about. Not really coaching coaching, though. More peer to peer stuff.


You know I like those things, if you know me. (And if you’re here, you probably do. Goodness knows I’ve not got this blog search-optimized for anything at all; but if it was, I would hope it would be for something called… Quietness. That’s always what Kismuth wanted to be; I’m rooting through dozen-year-old archives and seeing the thread. The consistent, clear idea. That is what I will share here, and not other stuff that might jam up that message.)

So yeah.

So as to focus on the conversations here at Kismuth through our Interactive Papers, to make space for that, think I’ll move my opining over, to my own site.

Which, admittedly, I barely have done much with. I guess because I didn’t know really what to put there. Not really. For a while, it was like, Oh, right, art stuff. But then, it changed into more of a, um. Salonmaking exploration.

Which is a wordy way of saying I wanted more conversations of the kind I like, not just dumb stuff that you get when you ‘go to a bar on a Friday,’ because I keep trying to ‘give that a whirl’ and keep wind up being totally irritated with the results.

(Unless of course it’s me hosting a party, or a mini party, even better.)


‘A change of air’

Hm. It’s kind of like taking a vacation, blogging over at a different site.

Maybe I’ll come back here but maybe I’ll stick around, over there, for a while. See what’s what. See how it goes, flows, moves. You know?

Dipika Kohli, dipikakohli.com

More tomorrow. <3


# # # #

January 9, 2020