So many updates.

Posting here about the things posting in the e-post.

Zines on Tuesdays

This below note is one, I just sent it to my supporters for S P A C E. It has really been fun.

Honestly, I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it going but for now, so far, so good. Sustainability is an issue, as always, but I appreciate the people who appreciate me.

Somehow, I feel a handful of people who have been at this blog, when it was a WordPress site before and now it’s this, following Kismuth from the very start, and who even took part in things here and there ought to be included in this communication. About appreciation. And… since I stopped emailing so much (I know, right? Can’t quite believe it myself, either. But… quality. Means… selectivity. And opting-in. I can’t just keep emailing all over the universe, can I ? That’s quite dull, anyway. The conversation, after all, is what intrigues me. I design for that.)

You can read the comment on the site, but I’ll just put this screenshot here…. click it to see what the context is, the crowdfunding page which, really, is more like a sign up to get S P A C E page, more than anything. ;)



S: You link to your crowdfunding campaign everywhere!

D: So!!??


D: [Thinking: You should be glad you were not on my email list(s). Sheesh.]







September 20, 2019