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An art of the moment: designing for it

Over at DK for the last 38 weeks, I’ve been writing and co-creating a weekly e-mag, S P A C E. It’s kind of been a labor of love, at first, mostly, but with time and continuations and brute-force figuring it out as I go, I’ve discovered a couple of important things.

People are seeking meaningful connections.

People are interested in seeing artful conversations and are willing to participate in them, and even part with hard-earned cash if there are ticket fees and registrations and stuff like that, too. Especially if they feel they can trust me, to host that kind of quality of space. Which I can, and I do, as evidenced time and again by people who share their feedback with me in kind words.


Learning by doing

Thankfully I’ve been lucky and networked enough to discover even more people, through the years, and on the road, too. I’ve been in Cambodia, Thailand, Latvia, Finland, Malaysia, India, Denmark Singapore, Japan, and Vietnam pretty much since 2014, with one brief stop in Palo Alto for a gig that turned into a conversation that led to many beautiful adventures in S P A C E-making and conceiving it. There’s one important person in California  to thank for that and I think, if he ever sees this page, he will know who he is. I can’t write his name here or ‘my girlfriend will get jealous,’ something like that. It’s always a big surprise to me when someone says something like that. (Why not just let the artists meet and talk and talk some more, and then, find their way towards something even more creatively extraordinary? Jeez. Jealousy: what a dumb thing.)

Meantime, the work to keep discovering and cresting as a wave continues. I’m talking to lots more people starting this week about it, too. See upcomings at DK to find out what’s ahead.

So yeah. Thanks to that, I’ve got a teensy  e-community going, and we’re gathered in forums, in places like Design Kompany’s protected-pages on the blog. (Forums, yeah. I know. It’s weird. But it’s the simple tools that work, for me. Since 2014, I’ve learned a lot from people whom I have yet to meet in real life, only because of the effort to initiate and sustain projects like Kismuth’s Cojournal in 2014, and other things since like Mirror, Self, Home & Away, and more). More on how to get involved is below, see ‘crowdfunding.’

Stuff like that is important, to me. Learning by doing. Why? Because! Suchmuch will lead to things that lead to yet other things that bring me to foreign lands, like… Latvia, for example. Or Finland. For me these are foreign lands.

And learning as I go continues to be important.

And making new connections happen does, too.

And that’s why I’m at it, still, bumbling and fumbling in Kismuth space and also S P A C E. I’ve got new things to share, and soon


Crowdfunding my next project: Make | S P C

Meantime, would you like to be part of this? I’m keen to engage with people now, a little more than usual… a crowdfunding page for S P C  is newly updated, as of today, and you can donate to or subscribe to or generally see what it is at the crowdfunding page Make | S P C, here.


September 10, 2019