A random encounter, part 9,999

Today I went for a little wander and wound up discovering the best place to sit and peoplewatch–that has aircon. Normally, I prefer outdoors, the sidewalks, the street life, but it’s just really, really hot today, and midday is the hottest, and due to some various things, I needed to be out and so, I went into the place I had gone into already that day, to sit, to be. To be cool.

Coolly, I just hung out, for a while, going through the last few months and all the learnings from those. So many things. I’m putting a few issues of our mini-mag, S P A C E, together to reflect and to share the highlights. See the online shop for some previews.

Quiet time is fabulous, here. As well as regrouping, I’ve begun to engage deeply with people I do not know but find, in the field, in real life three-dimensional spaces, in a very different style from usual, now, I noticed. Fewer words. For once, lol, if you know me, personally, you know I talk, and a lot, and at length, but I’m not doing it now. That is kind of a giant thing. That is a change. (I would get more deep and share details, but that is best reserved for the space of real life… It’s also an exercise in the same restraint: keeping it simple, keeping it… mum.)

Actually, that—spacemaking—-was the subject of a difficult and overshare-y conversation today, in my random encounter just now. Was hard to exit, but exit I did, extricating myself before things got too terribly… involved. So here I am, blogging, instead of listening and fielding the random encounter’s many, many stories about many, many more things. Which have nothing to do with me, or what I’m feeling, where I am, at this delicious moment in my life history of getting the ample time-space to Sort a Few Things Out. [deleted]


Reflections from Another Room

I’m back, I’ve got my quiet room back, and the fan on, and there are papers on my desk, and I’m grateful for all this quiet time in a block to really focus, to really get going on the new writings (Finnmark is done, and now, Flight of Pisces needs a re-work). Blogging is partly to clarify ideas and feelings, I realize, but mostly, it’s to let some people know who may be wondering where I am that yes, I’m still here. So good to share, again, and especially in the protected-page spaces where dialogues get a llittle more deep. HT SS, a great editor I know, from [one of my many] homes, for giving me the attention from time to time to these long, long emails I write and their everywhereness; I’m learning to keep it going, in a line, from start to finish… Kind of amazing, kind of jazzy, kind of… well, very me. I picked up some gigs, too, here, on the road. Cool, huh? Coooooolllll.

To the journeys, then! The new, the near, the now and the next.


PS I have a few things cooking up for July, too, for Papers. In case you want to get into more of a dialogue than just reading, here. An interactive writing circle… learn more here.