A tribute to Betty Ong

Found this story in the Seattle Times.

The author’s childhood friend was aboard an airplane, one of those that was driven into the WorldTrade Center, etching the date 9/11 forever on the hearts of so many people. A terrorist attack with airplanes involved. I remember when I heard that news; I was in Ireland. It brought back difficult emotions from when I was ten, and the airplane Kanishka was brought down. Terrorists, that time, too. I wrote my feelings of losing my own childhood friend in that attack in my book, Kanishka.

But back to the Betty One tribute. I wanted to share a snippet from the story that really felt beautiful, to me:

‘The Campanile chimes as I’m giving the rest of the assignment. They know the story so they’ll share it: They’ll choose a friend and listen together. Then they’ll write the personal and the partnered experience. This teaches more than story, this magnifies experience and memory. I tell them they’re breaking a secret: they’re writing the intimacy, which becomes their own Betty Ong story.’ –Fae Myenne Ng

Writing our intimacy. I love that.

Here is the link to the full story.