A work in progress

I remember on the road last year with Boss, in Vietnam, that we got a copy somehow of a short book by Hemingway called A Moveable Feast. Aside from the chauvinism and racism inherent in all things Hemingway, there was some really great dialogue. And a scene where Fitzgerald and Hemingway are in a room in a hotel and one is sick and the other is dismissing it away; this exact scene then actually played itself out in real life between me, and Boss. It was a riot.

The reason I am writing this is because there were other places in other stories Hemingway had written, and I’m not endorsing the racist writer, here, let me be clear about this, but I did agree with him about this: getting annoyed with himself when he started reading bits of his writing to people to see what they think of it, mid-way through. Ultimately he realized that is a gigantic mistake, that you don’t wanna do that, because it’s not about the pieces being admired, that’s a dumb ego-trip thing, and also, you lose the potency of the thing…. Okay, I made that part up. Sure, I’m editorializing. I have been through similar states of wondering what people think and asking and waiting for that praise, which is so stupid, I know that now, but it’s learning, right, and growing up and seeing that who cares what they think because they don’t know yet what the potential of a new piece could be and there is no point bringing them into the creative side of the conversation.

Work is work; do the work.
-Dipika Kohli

Progressions and evolutions

That’s what a writer ought to be doing, according to me, not shoving bits and pieces here and there. I admit I did this. I had that Kismuth VIP newsletter, after all. Gosh, it’s embarrassing to think about it now. Still and all, I did get a lot of practice writing. I mean, after daily journalism, the weekly letter was a way to keep at it. Sharing matters to me, too. I know this about myself. So yeah. So… I’ll let it go, the over-sharing, lol, segment of my transitions to where I am now (alone, middle of nowhere, perfect!), because, of course, you have to learn from fails. Those letters were terrible. But I made like 200 or 300 of them. So. And I’ve learned how to find better, newer and more simple ways to ‘share.’ Real life. Better.

But sure. Practicing. You don’t wanna talk about it, until you’re done .Until it’s finished. Maybe that’s all there is.

This is the news. I’m writing a thing.

A thing in progress.

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