Kismuth began as a four-volume series (The Elopement, The Dive, Kanishka, and Flight of Pisces). Shop >

‘It was about sharing real stories based on real life, and not catering or pandering to any mainstream audiences. [deleted] Kismuth just wants to tell it straight up, honestly, from the heart. The original blog here was a very basic tumblr. I still remember when I started it, and when I typed what Kismuth was, to me,’ says author Dipika Kohli. ‘Themes for the original series are: love, life, loss and hope.’

How much is too much to trade for a promise of love? Sometimes love is letting go.


Since 2017: Interactive journals and Asynchronous, international conversations

DK‘s Interactive Papers Project and the Cojournal Project are interactive writing spaces created by Dipika Kohli. They are conversations, mostly, on email and sometimes Dropbox papers. The idea is to interact as we go, one week at a time. Prompts are sent weekly. The whole thing is meant to be a safe, simple space for us to get acquainted, over time. Max 4 per circle.