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Kismuth began as a four-volume series. It was about sharing real stories based on real life, and not catering or pandering to any mainstream audiences. This is a very long backstory–but, to be really honest, it wasn’t for me to try to contort my story to fit some publisher’s ‘idea’ about what ‘good’ is. Those people are biased. They think a perspective that has been taught to us, instead of one that has been lived by us, is more ‘acceptable.’ And let’s face it: publishers are in the business of making money. Kismuth? Kismuth just wants to tell it straight up, honestly, from the heart. The original blog here was a very basic tumblr. I still remember when Is tarted it, and when I typed what Kismuth was, to me.

Kismuth Books. Experiments in writing from the heart.

So these are the stories that opened the way towards making Kismuth. Four stories, each of them based on real life experiences, make up this memoir set. Themes for the series are the four books based on the big topics: love, life, loss and hope.


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