KISMUTH BOOKS & PUBLISHERS is making space for you to discover your true voice. Connect with others who are doing the same, in asynchronous online and international conversations that go places. Sometimes literally. A small group of us have met in Phnom Penh, in Copenhagen, in London, and in Hanoi. We’re using writing as a tool for reflection, in small groups and as individuals, too.

All of this started after the publication of Kanishka (June 2015), which rounded out the series of books about love, loss, grief and chance. ‘Kismuth’ means ‘destiny’ in Hindi. Chance encounters are the core of the subject matter now, as together in small circles we share and write, in projects like the COJOURNAL, SELF, THE MIRROR, THE FORUM, and now, THE VILLAGE.

Structure and accountability

START WRITING. Do it now. This is how.

On this page you’ll find:

  • You’re not alone in wanting to create and feeling stuck on how
  • A group that gets you, and wants to see your work
  • What Ira Glass said about making art
  • The new ecourse designed to help you make space each week to write
The Mirror is an 8-week online conversation with Kismuth Books’ Dipika Kohli. Reflection, writing, and processing.

Start today.

Write what you know.

THERE ARE A LOT of people who will knock you for trying to write your personal story. Forget about all of them. The most important work that you can do if you are even 4% serious about writing is to start practicing more NOW. More practice, better work. Related to this is a short video: Ira Glass on Storytelling >

Our offer

Read on to learn about Write What You Know, which will show you:

  • How to begin the process of letting go of fixed ideas
  • How to get lost a little in the soup of creative play, exploration
  • Where to find clarity on 1-3 of your emerging themes
  • How to become more efficient in making time for creative work
  • How to gain confidence as you sift what matters from what doesn’t
  • How you can learn more about yourself than you imagined when prompted to think
  • How others doing the same in a small group of 4 with you will shed more insight on your work than your best friend, coworker, or spouse

What makes me the person to be your guide?

WHO AM I? Your host. I’m Dipika Kohli. In lieu of a formal introduction, check out this TEDx on how I believe, and shared out loud, “There’s Not That Much Time Left.”

I’ve been thinking and writing a lot in these last ten years about the importance of discovering our voices. What we say to the world makes more of an impact if we can express ourselves clearly, in our unique voices To discover our gift is half of our life’s work, I believe, and to share it is the other half. I’ve been lucky to have a chance to help others find their stories through my work as a designer but also as a writing coach. Trust is the currency of our time. We build relationships, and we find someone we can connect with who seems to also have empathy and an ability to listen and reflect. Journalism work helped me refine those latter traits, and coupled with a real desire to learn about other people and their stories, I’ve created Kismuth. Now, I want to share the things I’ve discovered and learned from others before me about how to find our voice, and express our selves.

No grades. No hierarchy. No ‘how you should do it.’ Just… Space.


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