My favorite comment so far on the posts related to the tourism halt in Vietnam is this, over on this comment section of a story on Vietnam News Express:

Tourism is the discovery of a country, its people, its streets, local life, natural atmosphere … Tourism is freedom to explore, meet, discover ..Vietnam is a wonderful people, wonderful country, wonderful and buzzinz everyday life, it is a dream country for a tourist.. but a tourist must be allowed to discover the riches of the country, especially if he respects everyone and everything by being fully vaccinated and respectful of every precaution.. Please open up your wonderful country ..

Stephane le Guellec – 17:26 19/9

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The reason I like it so much is it hits the nail on the head, for me. Why would I want to go traveling anywhere now, with all the things that are there now, to make it impossible more or less to do what I love to do which is to mix, intermix, mingle, interconnect relate, and interrelate. This is the art part of Relational Art, for me wandering around in another country would be completely pointless if nothing was learned, co-discovered, on account of being somewhere… New.

My feelings are these.


I’ll put the rest of this into an email…