‘There’s Not That Much Time Left’
‘Dipika Kohli, Director at Design Kompany, author, and thinker admonishes to embrace our mortality:’ TEDx organizers. An 18-minute talk. Partly improvised, based on the energy and connection with the audience in the front rows.
Lincoln Theater, TEDx Raleigh, 2012

‘Fuzzy Quantum Pop’
‘What do fuzzy logic, quantum physics and Pop art have in common?’, a five-minute show. Playing with ideas and making connections. Light and fun.
Lincoln Theater, Ignite Raleigh, 2012

‘The State of Publishing’
, a conversation roundtable.
After 10 years away from my home state of North Carolina, gathered the same people I had worked with, some of them retired, to talk together with others in the industry. Not only photographers or commissioning editors for old-school newsjournalism, but also new-school media-makers, too. We had a fascinating conversation about the work of writing, and publishing, and ‘the state’ of it: a snapshot, for that moment in time. This was an installation with a very strong bent on wordsmithing, and why it even matters. A lot.

‘Simplicity in Composition’
Visual Art Exchange
Pecha Kucha Night Raleigh
A short talk about the value of simplicity in communication. Not to be confused with lack of content, or thoughtfulness, of course. Inspired by conversations in Japan, Denmark and elsewhere related to design’s role in communicating.

Dipika Kohli

NPR’s Frank Stasio interviews DK about The Elopement

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