The Art of Not Knowing


The new project, The Art of Not Knowing, is in motion. Some of you reading here will know about ‘There’s Not That Much Time Left,’ a short talk that led to a whole bunch of conversations about how, exactly, to move forward when you don’t know what’s coming.

KISMUTH BOOKS HAVE DISCOVERED, based on our 2013 Year of Uncertainty project and things that followed since (while still ‘out here,’ on the road which is now one of our many multi-local homes), anyway, what we’ve discovered is this. To grow, do this one thing. Learn to listen to others who are not ‘like-minded,’ that’s a tired (and not helpful) thing. Listen. Open up. Share of yourself, maybe. The village is the sharing. That was the upshot from ‘The Village Report’ series, published in articles each month for two Stateside monthly publications. It was learning as we went, writing from the field, but processing, too, in motion. Not always the best at it, personally, but working towards making space for the invitation to open, we are looking for places to engage with New and Different Others. Why? Learning happens at the interfaces… where we are interrelating… And it’s easy, sometimes, to think that we are safe in our bubbles, comfort zones, whatever you want to call them. But… are we? Fresh perspectives change worlds. Instead of piling into a silo that feels safe (academics, a team of people at work, those who enjoy certain activities) try to actively seek the differently-minded, and other-experienced, to converse with. That’s a certain way to expand your boundary.

To understand your own innate potential.

To reach. And keep reaching.

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