KISMUTH BOOKS started in 2012 with the publication of The Elopement, a true story about letting go of some ideas about how things ‘ought’ to be… (in pursuit of a fairytale that, well, never quite materialized). Four books and many logged travel miles later, our boutique publishing house is based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We published Breakfast in Cambodia in 2016.

Today, we’re working to co-create anthologies, gathering new voices and developing stories in virtual circles. Each week we talk together in our online forums, getting better acquainted with one another… and ourselves, through dialogue that’s hosted in a safe space held with care.

EXPLORATIONS. Of course writing as a way to reflect isn’t for everyone, but exploring the concept of ‘who am I?’ is, at heart, what we are making space for here at Kismuth Books. Where are we, who are we, and how are we thinking and feeling in the places where we are… these are questions that our online circles make a space to explore. We are creating anthologies, short eBooks, and sometimes more as we go forward in this new direction to discover and paint the stories that aren’t so easily discovered. Curiosity. Openness. A readiness to try new things. These are qualities we look for in those we invite to join us on these virtual and real life journeys. Sometimes, these are simply 1:1 dialogues, as in the case of SELF and THE MIRROR.

AN INVITATION. Asking large questions about Self and making space to talk together with Others is a way, we feel, of opening a dialogue that has a center, and not sides. Does this resonate with you? If yes, consider taking part with us in our new, online journeys.

Yes? Shall we begin? Here is where to sign up for notifications about upcomings.

Karin Malhotra
Kismuth Books and Publishers