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20 Jan & 10 Feb | Reflect with ‘Slow Moment’

A new page, Part 2

A new page

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The Living Room

Protected: Kismuth & The Way

Protected: Jigsaw method of teaching


Protected: Third person


The Dive

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Starry night

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Protected: Thought disorder

Slow Moment

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Protected: 13 Dec | Surrealism x Cojournal Project

4 things


Now calling: Cojournal 2020

Protected: Welcome to Papers: A conversation begins

Surrealism (online)

Protected: Octavia E. Butler’s ‘Speech Sounds’

Protected: नसीब

Protected: Writing ‘Home’

Protected: Kaliningrad, Vancouver BC & Chandigarh

1-21 December | Interactive Papers Project BETA

Protected: Insincerity

14 December | ‘Home’

A new beginning




Protected: Sincerity, the butterfly, and another Mirror