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Something new today. Here’s how it got made. Three months in the north of Finland at an artist residency program that let me sit still, quietly and largely alone, led to a set of letters I never sent. Sometimes this happens. I got to reflect, write, and write. The charactersContinue Reading

Dear Anonymous, Wow. That’s nice of you. I appreciate the gesture. They fit. For today. The mood, the color: perfect. Thanks.. DK

Here it is. A  B&W special issue. Featuring photography by Boss. Poems by Dipika Kohli. Here’s a link..  

Research day. Lots of new stories hanging around, in the cloud. Visiting them, giving them time. Focusing on the character development, narrative arc, the things one does when one gets more serious and needs to put structure to things. Noticed a pattern: narcissism. Found this link quite useful, for reference,Continue Reading

S P C is finished. Well. That was quite a journey. Papers begins. Today. Welcome to those who are part of it. I appreciate your trust and here we are. And here we go. Check your inbox..

Issue #72. S P C | In the Cloud, ‘Special Edition: “There is No Next Time”‘. For guests of Papers. Waitlist  

Issue #71 of our mini-mag, S P C, is called S P C | The 4th Dimension, ‘Papers.’ It’s part of a suite of materials we are sending out for Orientation to the Interactive Papers Project. Almost ready. Starts 1 May.

If you are reading, and wondering, ‘Where are the emails from Kismuth’s newsletters and stuff like that?’ The answer is: I stopped writing them. Cause lately, I’m doing other stuff that is where I give my full focus, and heightened attention. Yup. Everything else? [deleted]

Yesterday in S P C, I re-published one of my favorite issues. It’s the one that inspired lots and lots of new thinking, because it was a conversation that started in real life that led to a collaboration in the cloud. The cover illustration here is by Nils don Sihvola.Continue Reading

I like this. But Sanders submitted on Thursday that “the American people, especially in this unprecedented moment in American history, want to hear the ideas that will lead us away from where we are right now,” adding: “These are enormously important issues, and we need serious debates over them.” Reading

This week, it’s a kind of interesting conversation going on about a lot of philosophy, stuff I have not really touched on much in my writings in such a direct way. But, in some of the Papers, we are talking in deep and incredibly surprising ways. To discover, together, whatContinue Reading

From Wikipedia… When you enlarge your mind and let go of it, When you relax your [qi 氣] vital breath and expand it, When your body is calm and unmoving: And you can maintain the One and discard the myriad disturbances. You will see profit and not be enticed byContinue Reading

Meanwhile, divorce lawyer to the stars Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia, has warned that coronavirus is “very likely” to lead to an increase in marriage break-ups because of people being confined together for long periods in self-isolation, PA reports. —Irish Times