Autumn Leaves

Lately I am seeing value in staying put. Accepting visitors. Accepting guests. Hosting.

Hosting this, next.

‘Autumn Leaves.’ I’m looking for people who want to drop in, who want to cook, who want to write in reflection spaces with me at my studio, or who want to play a (quiet) song or two. Jazz is nice. I’m going to invite you to apply to be a part of something vey low-key and collaborative. This is the page with the outline.

More for those who query, with a simple conversation that starts in the kind of way that feels real. I don’t really go for those long emails with billions of questions in them; they are too much, too soon. Maybe we can get this going in the fall this year here in Phnom Penh, and take a tour, next year, if covid isn’t as much of a bother as it is now. I know some people are really wanting to ‘go traveling’ but I’m gonna just hang out where I am. I’ll host though. For those who I want to host, that is.

‘Just friends. You should host a speakeasy. Just people you want.’


Is next.