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KARIN MALHOTRA COMMITS TO A TEN-DAY tour in Bangkok, breaking her two-year stretch of aimless puttering about as a floater in Phnom Penh. Karin, not quite in her mid-life crisis but getting close, feels like a trip to the city would be good for her. She’ll mix with new energies, she’ll find her way. Or so she believes. Faster, more colorful, and less dusty than her life in Cambodia, this short stay in Bangkok will introduce her to a side of the foreigner life that she hasn’t seen since the time she was an English teacher for a summer in Tokyo. Karin’s take on life in Asia is going to change, in this ten-day stretch. Not so much because of the people she’ll meet (a Midwestern conspiracy theorist, a Thai doctor with great awareness of self, and an old friend with whom she’s lost the conection), but because of the thing that always happens when we take a step out into the bigger, wider world. Karin has never been much of a fitter-inner, but in this story she will meet unexpectedly run into both the curious, the jazzy, and the highly narcissistic. It’s a short, packed adventure that will yield, as all great tours do, far more about the inner awareness in the person who is taking them than about the places where she is going.

As seen in the Displaced Nation.

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