Since 2017, I have been making a weekly e-mag, S P A C E.

The idea used to be way bigger, but due to the realities of situations, circumstances, and misunderstandings as I ventured through Northern Europe and around Southeast Asia, so many things changed in shape. I put pictures of the Atelier S P A C E travels at this page: http://behance.net/dipikakohli.

This year, I’d like to keep it very simple and low-key. No more traveling around. For reasons we all can probably relate to. But yeah. If you want to travel through the process of zinemaking with S P A C E now, I won’t be going to your city, but instead, offer a virtual opportunity.

Be a star of your own issue of S P A C E. Apply here: http://designkompany.com/apply. Fees apply. Scholarships available. Made possible through crowdfunding. Thanks.