Is it any surprise? No. It oughtn’t be.




‘Boring AF’. It’s dismaying that Boss is using this kind of vocabulary. Then again, it makes me understand, too, that he’s right. The discerning observational sharp witted personality that Boss is.


Boring AF, yes. This. Is an observation. That I have come to since mid-January, whilst embarking on a project to suddenly reconnect with my internet and international network. Why?

The pandemic has caused loss of everything we are familiar with, including our daily structure, for some jobs, and social contacts. It had led to serious financial despair, illness, and death. There are thus a range of emotional responses including grief, loss, and mourning. From : ‘Emotional Well-Being and Coping During COVID-19’,


Maybe we can do stuff again, since all is virtual now. So yeah. I’ve been doing this. I’ve been reconnecting with 50+ people from the different chapters of my life within 2 weeks. That includes work life (yes, I did have day jobs, once in my life) in Europe, N. America and East. Asia.

There were a lot of people whose paths I crossed. [deleted] …



February 7, 2021