‘Offline’ in Phnom Penh

Meet me in Phnom Penh.

‘The world is a beautiful book, but of little use to those who cannot read it.’

Kismuth invites you to join one of many new programs getting planned for those who are curious and interested in the world outside of their usual routines.

Program highlights


Get creative. Make time for yourself.

The Kingdom of Wonder’s capital, Phnom Penh, is a surprising place for those who may never have imagined visiting. Many people go to Siem Reap and that’s it. ‘We did Cambodia,’ you’ll hear, and that is oversimple, I feel. I got to Phnom Penh 10 years ago. I put my feelings about the things I learned (or, more honestly, ‘unlearned’), into a story in 2016, see Breakfast in Cambodia

So many changes, since. New in 2023: I’m guiding people who are interested in slow conversations, with people who they might not meet otherwise, on small, local tours. Starting right where we are, right here, in Phnom Penh. Kismuth will host tours for those who are interested in quiet exploration with a small group of curious fellow travelers. It will be a welcome, comforting space for you to relax, recharge, and get to know people with whom you may have never otherwise crossed paths.


UPCOMINGS. Some programs are already on the calendar. Here they are: