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This is a new category of more in-depth, longform posts that are for subscribers of Kismuth’s ‘Lazy Sunday Longreads’, which you can sign up for when you select this ‘perk’ on our crowdfunding page, over here. If you’re asking, “Why a crowdfund, why not just ‘try to get this published?'”, let me spell it out. The reason this is set up like this is because it’s much, much better for me as a person exploring ideas and being in new places who wants to really see, really feel, the things as they are shared with me in moments of total trust and honesty (and which may not fit a Western hegemony’s philosophies, ahem) to have the space and freedom to write the things in the way I want, for the people who also ‘get it’ about this. Aesthetics of creative nonfiction by a writer like me, in a place like this… That’s better, I think, for the art, anyway. Just getting honester and honester, around here. Can you dig it? Great. Help me make it *happen*: sign up here.

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    ‘So you’re stuck?’ ‘Stuck is… well stuck isn’t quite the word…’ ‘You can’t leave?’ ‘I mean, I can. But it will cost $2,000 to deal with the hassle of it, […]

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    I wrote about this week’s coming-up issue of S P A C E over at DK, and thought hard about what the idea of it is, why I wanted to […]

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    A new book | ‘Nostalgia Cà Phê’

    This book is the result of half a dozen trips to Việt Nam, and the conversations that emerged when I was, or wasn’t, looking, and the composite feeling of being-there, […]

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