Online, offline

THIS YEAR, so far in online projects, things are moving in an interesting direction. A giant overarching theme has been coming into shape. People want to talk together share about really big things related to: love, loss, risk, and chance. I get that. It’s kind of a major attractor for me, this idea of leaping […]

A Punjabi story #2

TODAY, I’m writing to share a bit of good news about a book of Kismuth’s. I mentioned about it earlier, in this post, but I’d like to expand a bit now. I wanted to tell you more about the writing and sharing of Kanishka, the pre-quel to The Elopement. SERIAL. Kanishka‘s first chapter, ‘Orange Juice’, […]

Cojournal Project

WELCOME TO THE COJOURNAL. This is about who applies, and what we make together as a result of consciously setting aside time and space to commit to writing, writing better, and sharing what we write. (It’s an unusual space and a conversational one, but it’s not for everyone.) Inward reflection, together COJOURNALING gives our participating […]


THINGS ARE MOVING in a new direction. Isn’t that always how it is, though? If this were a letter, it would be to the people who had been reading the Kismuth e-letters, which I remember sending probably too often from the year I started Kismuth, 2012. I have stopped sending them, more or less. I […]

June 23, this.

  THIRTY YEARS AGO ON JUNE 23. That’s when it happened. The things that I want to tell you more about. The event that I alluded to when NPR host Frank Stasio asked me about it in this interview. The event I shared about at TEDx Raleigh, too. The airplane. The friend who ‘didn’t come […]