Cojournal is a weekly project that I sometimes make ‘live.’ I have about ten years’ worth of writing prompts, which I curate for the project based on what comes up for applicants. We talk. We talk together. We relax and connect. Sometimes it is very good. Sometimes we are quiet. Both ways are fine; it’s an ambient connectivity.

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The Cojournal Project




The purpose of life is to live it. -Eleanor Roosevelt

But how do you live a life well? Maybe you are questioning your choices, in the past years, and wondering what could have happened to bring you to a place where you felt more fulfilled, today. This is human nature, to wonder, to question, to look at the other pastures, to think about FOMO, isn’t it? I know zero people who are completely content, personally. There is always this or that thing, to flit over to and question. I know it’s partly due to the simple fact that the pandemic has forced us to look at what matters, what counts, what we want, what we don’t want… but me, I’ve always been asking these questions. Who am I? has been the center of many stories of Kismuth’s books.

Authentic living is when you live your values.

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A life well lived





Writing is all rewriting




‘Why do you do this, Dipika? What’s in it for you?’ After publishing 186 issues of my mini-mag S P A C E, I know now. I updated the crowdfunding campaign page for it, and there I have outlined my reason. This is why.



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The Second Half of the Forth


Questions, conversations. Comments, stories. Readings. All of this, digested, processed, reviewed.

This short eBook is a collection of what came, from there.

Reflections on a year of ‘thrashing,’ to come back to a quiet moment and find out where it was that one began, as far as what one had said at the beginning in youth, what is that, again?, and where one wants to take it, in the Second Half.

‘Life Part 2, is what this is about. I mean, not really. It’s more of getting into the mindset of starting that new thing. I think I’m just at the intermission right now. Sorting it out. Ha, as if that’s a thing you can do really easily. It’s fun, though, talking to people about this topic. It’s interesting and cool, and occasionally quite unimpressive. That, I think, is what this is. Life isn’t so extraordinary now, it’s just what it is. And next? I want to be careful about getting too caught up in goal-setting and forget to do some actual enjoying, for Life Part 2. But that’s just me.

‘A sharing. Unfiltered. In an era where the authentic and unedited isn’t as easy to find, so much, here I am.’ -Dipika Kohli

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Access Kismuth

I am blogging at protected page posts at this site, occasionally. That’s because there are some conversations that are not so suited for blogging publicly. I send passwords and updates to a very small set of people in something called S P A C E. It’s a thing now.

Started S P A C E in 2017. That was after the Cojournal Project at this site, which took place in email circles from 2014-2015 and then the more ambitious real-life ‘big blind date’ project, 16N. Gathering people for small, interknit circles of conversations. In different ways. Is what I do. I can elaborate. It’s fun.

Topics vary. Naturally.

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