I love when people enjoy writing and make the way for themselves to get into it. I can’t read everything everyone sends me, for review and comment, but I welcome people into the Cojournal Project space so they can get to know us, me, and, if we’re lucky, themselves.

Cojournal started in 2014. Since then, I’ve seen people change jobs, change relationships, and move to another part of their country, through the simple act of writing their feelings, telling me what they think, and listening for the feedback.

It can be an important ‘third place,’ somewhere that is not work, and is not home, for people to engage in a new way with some as-yet unexplored parts of themselves. I feel that way, anyway. I feel that way and that’s why I continue to invite people to take part. Here and there, every so often, someone says ‘yes’, and through the exchanges we discover our way to something…. new.

Write with me and up to three others, in a small circle, every week.

WHAT YOU GET. 12 writing prompts over email and a small group assignment. You’ll get the chance to write together, or to share your writings with, if you opt to do so. You have the opportunity to connect and hear other people’s perspectives. (If no one is responding, I will: I’m here for you as an accountability partner.)

This project is ideal for the very curious, people who welcome international perspectives and want to engage with ‘something different.’ The idea is to have a place to talk.

In a safe, not-work and not-home kind of place .

There are 12 prompts ready to go for you, and to get them, you can join through the PayPal link below.

COST. It’s USD $10/week, pay-as-you go. You can cancel anytime.

Here’s how to sign up.

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Cojournal | 10 weeks of writing in a very small circle