Cojournal | ‘Book of Feelings’

Wrote about a new cojournal starting up this month on 11 October and 18 October, too. We have two small circles of no more than four, if you’re curious read this post.

Researching the prompts to share for this 12-week block, I found this.

World Mental Health Day: If you’re feeling anxious as lockdown restrictions ease up, you’re not alone

I’ll share something below, that is excerpted straight from the center of it. [Aside: The weirdest thing wast hat I had personally *just* selected the same *exact* image on Unsplash to be the one that will run at DK’s blog, about ‘Lack,’ shortly. It’s interesting to me to consider that the person who took the photo, AT, whom I do not know at all but whom I share a city with, for now, I wonder, if they felt the same about the photo that the Prestige Online magazine editor and me did. I guess that’s irrelvant to this post, here, but ask me, if you see me, sometime, in person, or on any of the email things going on right now. It has to do with a local cultural perception of ‘cool and interesting’ that I think is a clash with some more international perspectives.

That’s my thought, it’s kind of fascinating to delve into, maybe, for those of us who have been here and explored and shared and connected—then disconnected, entirely, in a weird glitch that went counter to Vietnam’s great ‘containment’ for our 2020 and half of 2021 that made being here, even if it wasn’t my choice, originally, because of pandemic-caused border closures, well, anyway, it was open.

And then, it wasn’t. And that… that change has been… ah, well, I’ll share personally the personal stuff with the few people I like to share in such ways, with.

Here’s that excerpt I mentioned I’d share…

‘This is where anxiety kicks in; the feeling of worry, apprehension, or fear of the unknown. When there is no certainty of what the future looks like, it’s normal to feel worried, fearful, and on edge about how to cope with uncertainty. The higher the unpredictability of adjusting and coping to that “future”, the higher the stress and anxiety.

‘Making sense of our feelings

‘As we move towards new phases of the National Recovery Plan, we should also remind ourselves of the emotional toll these unusual shifts can have on us. It takes a lot of mental energy to adapt, manage and cope with changes, however, the uncomfortable feelings you may be experiencing aren’t necessarily negative by nature, as they indicate we are both surviving and sustaining in the changing environment.

‘On top of that, we have become unsure of whom we can trust in many aspects, from decision-making authorities to potentially Covid-19 asymptomatic individuals. Therefore, it makes sense to still feel wary when the number of daily cases is still high and the threat of contracting the virus has not gone away.’

‘Hannah Toh,  a Licensed Counsellor and Clinical Associate at ThoughtFull… advises: “The only behaviour we can fully control is ourselves so if you do have to go out and you’re feeling concerned for your own safety, do what you can to keep yourself feeling safe and be able to communicate your needs or concerns to others.”

Interesting, right?

Gonna talk about it. To write. To share. Feelings. This is also part of Healing which came from Papers last year.

Soon: we begin. A new set of conversations. In real life in HCMC, and also, in the cloud. More  here.


Let’s see what happens, next.

Curious about all this stuff and what it is?

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Note: The funds raised through this project, Cojournal | ‘Book of Feelings’ will be shared equally with members of Design Kompany’s Atelier S P A C E // Ho Chi Minh City team, who will be co-creating in real life there, between now and 30 October.