1-21 December
Interactive Papers BETA

9-21 December
Interactive Papers Section B

1 January
Interactive Papers x Cojournal 2020

Thanks for reading. I appreciate the conversations that are beginning a bit, here and there. I wrote a blog post, ‘The design is not the design’ to give you an update on how things are going with Interactive Papers.

INTERACTIVE PAPERS PROJECT. If you are curious about the community that DK has found and included whilst traveling Southeast Asia, South Asia, Northern Europe, and Central and Eastern Europe over the last seven years, this is a chance to uncover the interactive component, in which we *interconnect* you, with others we’ve also discovered and engaged with in genuine, lovely chance encounter-y ways.

Participation is limited to just four spots, there’s an application, and we have things to say after that about participation fees and scholarships and stuff.

For now, though, a link… here.


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April 6, 2017