The Cojounal – A place to write with others

Writing is a thing that takes time and mental space.

Both of which are hard to create.

So I made this project.

Journal for reflection, self-awareness

What is it? A journal, with you and up to three others. To write together, on email threads. As and when we choose. Very simple. It’s a way to hold you accountable for writing. That’s my role. And to read and give you some comments, too, each week. It’s the conversation that generates new writing topics, as we go. And, it’s also fun to write with the knowledge that someone, sometime, in a particular and set-up kind of structure, will read what you write and offer feedback. If you want it. There is an option to work with me 1:1, or you can join a small group of no more than you, me, and up to 2 others.

The Cojournal is a weekly, interactive, conversational, prompt-led online writing space.

Why resurface this old project, which was created in 2014 in response to my own desire for an international, continuing conversation while on the road for a year? A year that stretched into a decade, here, in South and Southeast Asia.


‘Narratives of personal growth’

In a 2014 article in The Guardian, Heather Long writes about why United States culture emphasizes work so much as a part of someone’s identity, but how it’s changing, too: “People in their 20s and 30s are starting to give up on work as a primary way to center or ground their identity. You can’t define yourself by work when you don’t know if you’re going to be employed,” says Dr Jennifer Silva, a sociologist and author of Coming Up Short: Working-Class Adulthood in an Age of Uncertainty.

‘She did in depth interviews with a hundred Millennials to try to understand how they are shaping their lives in this environment. One question she asked as part of her research was the simple: “who are you?” Three-quarters of the young adults she spoke with didn’t mention work at all in their response. Instead, they would emphasize what Dr Silva calls “narratives of personal growth” such as feeling they had matured in a relationship with a relative or lover or had some sort of self-discovery.’

Read the article:

Make time for writing.

Make time for you.

The exact set of prompts you will get will depend on your personal objectives, which I’ll get to know a bit about, in the process of receiving your application. See you in The Cojournal, if you want to meet me there, and talk about what we talk about when we write, connect, share, and get acquainted. Apply to see if we’re a fit.

Here is a link.