The Cojournal Project

The Cojournal Project. This is an international, asynchronous conversation. It’s by email. It’s a community, too. There are never more than four people per circle. The goal is to connect, and interconnect, people whose paths I have personally crossed on wanders around the world since the 1990s. Currently in Vietnam, but linking, and interlinking, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues through the ‘social bridging’ social capital and Third Space that matters, very much, to me.

The first Cojournal began in 2014. It was through a year of conversations happening weekly that some of us made this anthology, The Mirror.

Lately, I’m also making more things in conversational spaces that happen on Dropbox Papers, when we discover, develop, and build on ideas. I edit and design a weekly e-mag, S P A C E, which sometimes includes voices from writers finding out about Kismuth’s Cojournal. It’s the first step. It’s where I work with you to discover themes, to connect with others, to discuss and share feedback and links and ideas and curate together as we go what matters, to us, as a group. Personally.

In so doing we can get to places, real places, that involve us, as a group of human beings with real curiosity, looking for ways to discover others who also feel there’s something… more… to living daily and consuming and pushing through the daily grind. What about the rest of it? Let’s talk about that.

Why do I make this project? I like making sure things happen, for one. I like making this opportunity for peopel to keep pushing their edge, to not just ‘write’ but to write more, to write together, to write and discover, to share, to push the boundaries and get better and better, to make something over time, and most importantly, to grow. It’s not a weekend thing you go to. It’s a thing you share and participate in when you want, as you like. Weekly prompts are shared on Mondays or Tuesdays, and the 12-week sessions start periodically when the inkling arrives for me to initiate them. Sometimes a few times a year, sometimes none.

Just depends. On what is going on and who is joining me in conversations. Writing for your journal is one thing, but writing for a co-journal is quite another. And it has a place. For those who are looking to connect, but not publish a ‘work of art’. Rather, to discover, find new perspectives, learn, and share. Together.

Here’s how it works. There are 2 steps.

  1. Application. It starts with this. Kindly apply at this page at my other site, Design Kompany. No cost to apply.
  2. Invitation. If it’s a fit, I will invite you to register. Weekly fees are between USD 7-12, depending on the theme. Scholarships are available for the right candidates, too. Ask me about it when you apply.