Sometimes, people just want to talk. At least, that’s what I found, from my Cojournal designing-and-hosting experiences, for these last eight years.

I <3 conversations.

Which is why, in 2014, from an iPad and iffy wifi in East India, I started The Cojournal Project. Right here, at this website. I invited a handful of people from the travels on the road, wishing there was a way to keep conversations going but not on social media because that seemed more like ‘collecting people’ than actually talking to them. To me. Which made me feel weird. I deleted my personal Facebook in 2014, after more of that happened, in California. I just wasn’t into it. Then I thought: less is more. Fewer is better. Small circles, highly focused.

That’s what this project makes happen.

Focus, focus, focus

Evie S.

An intentional community of no more than four per circle, conversing, connecting, and relating: across the world.

Because it takes a lot of energy to match up the right people and make sure that we have those who are interested in a genuine connexion, we have a process for bringing people on to the project.

  1. Application. It starts with this. Kindly apply at this page at my other site, Design Kompany. No cost to apply.
  2. Invitation. If it’s a fit, I will invite you to register*.
  3. Minireport. At the end of every 12 weeks, I’ll share a personalized report on the conversations we are having and give you feedback on what I feel are your emerging major themes. E-correspondence will be in a group, after some period of time when everyone has indicated readiness to proceed. It will be no more than four people, including me, you, and up to 2 others.
  4. Extension. Some guests have continued writing, and now, publishing, with me, in the co-creational space of S P A C E. Brows all issues at: .

*Note: It costs.